Toxic Chemicals Commonly Found in Baby Products

Toxic Chemicals Commonly Found in Baby Products - Zafra
We hate to break it to you but it's possible that even your most trusted products are leading your child to chemical and toxin exposure. As modern parents, let's educate ourselves by reading labels and ingredients before any product gets to our kids' bodies. These are some ingredients to avoid! 

One of the most notorious toxins found in baby products is lead, known to reduce a child's IQ development, affect behavior and learning capabilities, and suppress growth. Lead is usually found in drinking water as well as tap water. 20% of lead exposure is usually found in water, but it jumps to 40-60% when mixed with formula.


Considered an endocrine disruptor, phthalates have varying negative impacts on the health of babies. This toxic ingredient is linked to conditions like asthma and allergies, as well as neurodevelopment issues like ADHD, IQ deficiency, and behavioral problems.  

Mineral Oil

Beware of mineral oil in baby products because this can clog pores and prevent the skin from breathing. When delicate skin is clogged, it's unable to release toxins from their bodies. We know that baby oil is an essential part of your baby's self-care routine but be sure that the products you use are safe and are free from PEG or PPG, which are produced by involving synthetic chemicals that can cause hives or eczema.


You'll be surprised to find just how many artificial fragrances are included in baby products. Yes, they smell good but they also only work to mask the odor of nasty toxins used in production. It's actually concealing something that could be harmful to your precious little one. 
Have you heard about any of these toxins before? What products are you using to make sure to avoid these harmful ingredients?