Why Choose Cruelty-Free Beauty Products

Why Choose Cruelty-Free Beauty Products

'Cruetly-Free'. You may have encountered this term a lot in your quest for the best beauty products, but do you have a deeper insight into what this label means? Simply put, when a product is named 'cruelty-free' it means a brand did not test their products on animals at any stage of production of their items. And just how big of a problem are the products that do not carry this 'cruelty-free' label? First, you have to understand what really goes on inside the laboratories of some of the most popular beauty companies. 

A little warning for the faint-hearted--this is going to be a graphic description. Common animals like mice, monkeys, rabbits,  guinea pigs, sometimes even dogs and cats, are kept in cages and bred for the sole purpose of testing cosmetics. These animals are often shaved of their fur then chemicals are rubbed on their bare skin in order for cosmetics brands to test possible irritations that the products might cause on human skin. During the tests, the animals can be burned, deliberately poisoned, infected with diseases and subjected to injuries and brain damage. They are force-fed many different cosmetic ingredients to confirm whether oral intake or inhalation of said substances will hurt humans. Worse, the animals are often killed and cut open so that further research on the influence of certain ingredients can be made. 

Some may think that animal testing is a thing of the past. Unfortunately, that's far from the truth. Cruelty-Free International estimates that over 115 million animals are currently used for testing. 

No animal should have to suffer in the name of beauty 

There’s absolutely no justifiable reason to allow an animal to suffer the testing process of any cosmetic product. Given the kind of activities most unregulated beauty companies do inside their laboratories, it's time to rethink your purchasing choices. The choice is now yours to stop supporting beauty brands that regularly abuse animals in order to get their products market-ready. When you make the right choice, you become a source and example of absolute compassion to others.

Reap the benefits of natural and organic cruelty-free products 

Delving away from chemical compounds, cruelty-free beauty products often focus on natural ingredients and traditional beauty routines. That means that these products bring some of the greatest tried-and-tested classic beauty treatments and ingredients handed down from one generation to another. With the combination of SAFE and REGULATED modern science and natural purity, these cruelty-free products can offer gentle, loving care that helps you become your most beautiful self. 

How to spot a cruelty-free beauty product: Look for the iconic Bunny 

When a product carries the Leaping Bunny logo, it means that it has been able to comply with a set of rigorous standards that stir away from animal testing. It assures you that a brand has a genuine commitment to supporting the fight against animal cruelty. Good thing there's Zafra, a one-stop shop for you to easily find beauty products carrying this logo. Shop now!    

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