Ways to Keep Your Household Healthy and Safe

Ways to Keep Your Household Healthy and Safe - Zafra

Health and safety start at home. The house is your shelter; a place of comfort. But what happens if a health hazard penetrates through it? We wouldn't want it to come to that point, of course! 


What can you do, then? More than often, making sure that the house is clean at all times can be such a painstaking chore, but keeping a routine goes a long way towards the whole household's health and safety.  


Dispose irrelevant items

Over the course of time, we tend to amass so many items in our homes that it can sometimes become difficult to sort them out. Some of these things are helpful, some aren't and only add up to the pile. However, keeping too much stuff at home can open up breeding areas for insects and germs which can eventually cause diseases and infections. To avoid the buildup of things at home, it's time to tackle your storage situation once and for all. Segregate things into two categories--those you need and those you DON'T need. And in the future, make it a rule to not let useless things get inside the house!


Maintain and make repairs

How many times have you put off your schedule for repairing that hole in the wall created by your toddler? Or fixing the entangled wires in the ceiling? How about the window that just wouldn't shut properly? This season, it's important to ensure that all your household fixture essentials--from the heater, the humidifier, the lights and wiring, the pipes--are all in top condition. This will help you avoid headaches in the future, for sure!  


Keep it ventilated

Open the windows and make sure that the ventilators are working! Studies show that respiratory health is related to access to fresh air. Increasing your home’s fresh air supply reduces moisture, improves air quality, and increases respiratory health for the whole family.  

Take out the trash 

Trash is almost synonymous to germs so these things shouldn't overstay inside your house. See, when you leave trash inside your home overnight, it attracts insects and rodents which can carry diseases and infections around the household. One routine you can follow is to pile everything accumulated within the day and take it out EVERY NIGHT, no matter how little you think they are. Imagine this: When the trash is disposed of daily, you wake up every day to clean, fresh air.


Make sure that hand soap is ALWAYS available in the bathroom 

Various complications happen when you're not washing your hands. Teach your kids (as well as the grownups!) that proper handwashing with soap and water is one of the best ways to stay in top condition against illnesses. For this, you need to make sure that there's always hand soap (whether in the form of liquid or bar) available in all the bathrooms, sort of like a reminder for everyone to use it. A great idea is to post some cute reminders where visible, like what they do in most public restrooms.

How are you keeping your house healthy and safe this season? Share them with us! 

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