Ways to Keep Your Baby's Skin Healthy

Ways to Keep Your Baby's Skin Healthy - Zafra

What's your baby's first line of defence against the external world? It's the skin. Soft, supple and seemingly devoid of skin issues most grownups face, we wish we could keep our baby's skin that way forever. And to an extent, we can. Here are some ways to help you keep your baby's skin healthy! 

Follow the proper way of bathing 
Cleanliness is the first step to healthy skin. Your baby needs two to three baths a week in warm--definitely not hot--water to stay clean. Make sure to keep your baby warm during the bath by regularly pouring cupfuls of warm water over his or her little shoulders. Use natural and organic baby shampoo and gently wash your baby's scalp. Next, have a toxin-free baby bath soap to clean the rest of the body. For your baby's face, you can simply moisten a cotton ball and gently dab.
One of first-time parents' biggest worries is having to properly support the baby's body during bathtime (yes, we get you, they look so fragile, especially on a slippery environment!). A helpful trick is to use one hand to hold his or her neck to support the head, while the other hand goes to supporting the bottom, with fingers around one thigh. If you are still mustering the confidence, it would be good to ask someone else to do this so you can have both of your hands free to scrub and clean your baby's body.  

Keep it hydrated

Even though taking care of baby’s skin may appear complicated, the important thing to remember is to keep it suitably moisturized and hydrated at all times. it is important for the skin to be properly hydrated. Be sure to keep his skin moisturized to help protect against dryness.

Avoid direct sunlight
Babies have very fragile skin so it goes without saying that exposure to direct sunlight is very harmful to them. If the situation can't be helped, make sure to prepare your little one for the outdoors with long-sleeved clothes, full pants, caps and a baby-safe sunscreen on the exposed skin. Babies have underdeveloped sweat glands, making them susceptible to heat rash. To prevent this, the should be dressed in such loose and protective clothing.

Once they turn about 6 months old, babies can be more adjusted to exposed sunlight, but make sure they don't go out without SPF. Apply the sunscreen at least 30 minutes before going outside for the best protection.

Always stick to natural and organic products

After birth, your baby’s skin requires time to get accustomed to the new harsh environment and its varying changes. That said, the best approach towards your baby’s skincare is “less is safe”. Your baby's skin is very vulnerable to allergies triggered by the use of harsh products. Toxin-filled soaps and shampoos, harsh detergents are the main culprits to your baby's skin issues. Instead, use products which are specifically designed for babies like natural and organic mild baby soaps, tear-free shampoos and gentle lotions.

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