Ways to Avoid Toxins During Pregnancy

Ways to Avoid Toxins During Pregnancy - Zafra

The moment you learn that you are an expecting mom, it almost comes in automatically to make your baby's health a top priority. Then comes a long list of things to do--and things not to do. You diligently check them off one by one. However, there are days when you feel like some things are still beyond your control, and you can't help but wonder how you can keep your precious little one from all the harm lurking about...especially toxins that are notorious in preventing your baby's optimized development inside your womb. There is no reason to panic, though. Here, we list down the ways you can reduce your exposure to environmental toxins.  


Eat whole foods 

More than any other phase of your life, pregnancy is the time you need to steer clear of chemicals, most of which are found in processed and packaged foods. The best way is to eat whole foods. Think: unprocessed grains, fruits, vegetables, proteins, and dairy products, and fresh herbs and spices. So what if you're craving for that one unhealthy snack? Unleash your culinary skills and creativity by focusing on unprocessed ingredients as an alternative to your usual cravings. You'll soon realize how healthy, filling and delicious whole foods are!  


Stay away from plastic containers

During your single years, you probably had the habit of reheating food on a cheap microwavable container. Yes, it's very convenient and time-saving. Those days should be a thing of the past now that you have another life relying on your every move. If you're always on the move and left with no choice but to pack your food, it's better to use only #2 HDPE, #4 LDPE, and #5 PP containers, as these are considered scientifically safe. Also, avoid washing your utensils and containers using detergents with chlorine. Just hand wash them with warm water. How about for take-outs? These meals are usually packaged using harmful plastic wraps so it's better not to get them on the go for the meantime.  


Say no to spa and salon dates 

We know how tempting it can be to host a spa-themed baby shower. The truth is, exposing yourself to these venues can do you and your baby no good. Spa and salons are home to products filled with more toxins than you could imagine unless the venue is verified to carry nothing but certified organic and natural products. For most parts, a typical spa or salon relies on toxic products. Conventional nail polishes for example, contain hazards like dibutyl phthalate, toluene, and formaldehyde, which are collectively capable of causing health effects from organ and nervous system damage to hormone disruption and cancer. The same is true for your typical hair dyes, which have been linked to non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, leukemia, and bladder cancer. 

We're not stopping you from pampering yourself with spa and salon dates, or that dream spa-themed baby shower. In fact, you can even make a positive influence on your friends by setting up your own spa and salon in another venue, complete with products you've checked as free from harmful chemicals. 

Keep it all natural 

Speaking of toxin-free products, how about reevaluating the rest of the personal care products you use on the daily? From skincare to belly butter to makeup, everything that you put on your body could be leading you to more chemical exposure. The good thing is that there are natural and organic versions of these essentials, so you can go through this exciting journey in your life...toxin-free. 

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