Tips to Reduce Premature Skin Aging

Tips to Reduce Premature Skin Aging - Zafra

Here's the thing. Good genes definitely play a role in certain characteristics your skin inherits but only 30% of aging is genetics and 70% is up to you. That means the anti-aging products you were lowkey skeptical about...can actually do you a favor, after all. Couple that with a religious skincare regimen and some time in self-care, and you'll be preserving that youthful look many years down the line.


Cleanse your skin gently 

Skin issues are often determined by the cleanliness of your skin. It goes without saying that sleeping with your makeup on, along with the dirt and grime accumulated throughout the day, will never do your skin any favor. No matter how busy or tired you are, cleansing should be a non-negotiable. Use gentle cleansers that you can use every day without fail.    


Exfoliate to renew your skin

When you don't like something, you get rid of it. You don't like your skin damages? Scrub them away! Regular exfoliation can diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and even prevent them from worsening. Why? Because this skincare step helps unclog pores, reduce hyperpigmentation, minimize the appearance of dark under-eye circles and crows feet, and even lessen excess oil production. 


Partner exfoliation with moisture 

Exfoliation can be drying, and dry skin can lead to wrinkles through the loss of skin elasticity. To avoid this, you need to add a suited moisturizer to your regimen. This traps water in your skin, giving it a more youthful, glowy, plump appearance.


Swear by SPF 

Just because you haven't reached the age of 30 yet doesn't mean you shouldn't be concerned about signs of skin aging. If you are always exposed to the sun and free radicals through pollution or smoke, your skin is also more likely to lose its elasticity.

To keep your youthful glow for longer, you should always be armed with SPF before heading outdoors. Moisturizing is also a non-negotiable step. At night, slather on a moisturizer with revitalizing properties.


Live a healthier lifestyle 

You know the drill: Eat a healthy, well-balanced diet; drink less alcohol, stop smoking, exercise most days of the week. Incorporating healthy habits in your daily life can sustain you from the inside so that it can emulate on the outside, keeping your body in a youthful condition.

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