Skincare Tips for Teenagers

Skincare Tips for Teenagers - Zafra

Oily skin, blackheads, and pesky pimples are at the top of the list of teenagers' skin problems. It's almost impossible to get through the teenage years without complaining about it. Who wouldn't want a flawless, and a glass-like skin, right? As a teenager, taking care of your skin is important even though you are still discovering what keeps your skin healthy and what makes it break out.

Despite the fact that you and your friends are facing puberty together, chances are big that your skin looks a bit different from them. That is to say, the skincare that works for them may not be good for you. To save you the hassle, we’ve got the right skin advice to choose from to keep your skin clear, glowing, and healthy!

Here are some easy and effective skincare tips for you:

Start with a Cleanser.

It is kind of expected that your face has accumulated oil, dirt, grease, and makeup residue from staying outdoors for a period. Wipe it off using a natural and organic cleanser that works for you. This allows to preserve the softness and dissolve impurities on the skin without drying it out. If you are a teen girl that wears makeup, put as much care of taking off your makeup as you do in putting it on.


Your skin wishes to exfoliate at least two to three times a week. Remember not to overdo it especially if you have sensitive skin. Start out on products that are mild to your skin to avoid irritation. Exfoliating will sweep away dead skin, oil buildup, clog pores and dirt. When doing this step focus on your nose and chin since these are the areas that are prone to blackheads and clogged up pores.

Apply Toner

As a teenager who searches a number of skincare routines, it's very tempting to try on a toner with high alcohol content or an apple cider vinegar to immediately take away acne and excess oil. However, these methods are wrong. A gentle toner is what you need to soak up excess oils, remove acne and close pores. Toner presents the nourishment your skin could use to look fresher throughout the day.

Try a Sheet Mask

The beauty world is undeniably obsessed with sheet masks. After all, it's a fun step to consider in any skincare routine. Putting a mask on your face replenishes moisture, hydrates, and soothes your tired skin. For teenage skin, this is an option you can try on. 

Apply Serum

A serum does not only hydrate your skin, it also delivers powerful nutrients your skin needs. Skin Serums help in nourishing the skin, adding firmness, reducing fine lines, minimizing pores, and evens out the skin tone. Don't forget to use serum with moisture-boosting ingredients like vitamin E (protect cells from damage) niacin amide (exfoliates and lightens discoloration) and hyaluronic acid (retains moisture).

For a final touch, use a Lightweight Moisturizer

Select a lightweight moisturizer that protects your skin from dehydration. It is advisable to apply extra moisturizer if you're suffering with acne or oil, this will absolutely help you to prevent oil production and balance your skin.

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