Shocking Dangers of Fluoride and Why You Should Choose Natural Toothpaste

Shocking Dangers of Fluoride and Why You Should Choose Natural Toothpaste - Zafra

Most of the people around will tell you that you need to have fluoride to keep your teeth from rotting. Hence, you buy a tube of toothpaste with a hefty amount of fluoride, hoping that with every brush, you will be able to preserve your pearly whites for a very, very long time.

To a certain extent, yes, the fluoride (specifically called sodium fluoride) that's found in your everyday toothpaste can have beneficial effects--when used topically. Dentists will assure you that this ingredient can support remineralization of teeth and make it possible to heal cavities. However, there's a catch. To get the fluoride into the teeth, fluoride toothpaste is formulated to be acidic. The acid ends up breaking down the tooth so that the amount of fluoride that enters your tooth is greater. 

Sodium fluoride is synthetic and worse, it's easily and greatly absorbed by your body. It travels quickly through your bloodstream. No surprise there, really, because before modern dentistry ever took interest in this substance, it was just another industrial toxic waste.  


So what are the harmful effects of sodium fluoride inside your body? 

Just like any other form of synthetic substances, sodium fluoride has its fair share of effects on a person's body. Some evidence indicates that when consumed for a long period of time, fluoride can weaken bones and raise the risk of fractures. Other studies also point the link of fluoride and a rare type of bone cancer called Osteosarcoma. There are also some concerns about how fluoride affects the developing human brain.


A toxin-free alternative for your perfect smile 

With all this information, you might be thinking, if fluoride is not advisable for everyday use, then how are you supposed to prevent tooth decay? Keep in mind that the physical act of brushing plays the most important role in cleaning your teeth. Doing it regularly eliminates food particles that can cause cavities, with or without the use of fluoride toothpaste. What you want is to fight off bacteria on your mouth, which you can easily do with a great variant of organic toothpaste. This alternative is devoid of harmful synthetic substances and is able to clean your teeth using safe and powerful ingredients like plant extracts, natural minerals, and antiseptic essential oils. It also has anti-tartar and stain-resistant properties superior to conventional toothpaste. 


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