Secrets to Younger-Looking Skin

Secrets to Younger-Looking Skin - Zafra

You can't just wish for the beauty gods to show you the fountain of youth. In reality, you have to work on your habits to preserve that vigor and beautiful glow for a longer time. Aging is often accelerated by your lifestyle, certain environmental factors, and the amount of attention you pay to it--things that you can actually control.

We're not saying we should deny aging; it's a beautiful natural process that everyone must face. However, you CAN slow it down and go through it more gracefully. It's all about taking care of your skin and having a more balanced approach in your life. Want to know the secrets?


Water is the only drink you need 

Skip the so-called healthy drinks and just get enough fill of H20. Your future self will thank you for it. When you're on the move (and even when you aren't), water constantly evaporates from your skin, so you need to constantly replenish your body with water. Hydration keeps your skin plump, elastic, smooth and young-looking. Otherwise, your skin will dry up and eventually turn wrinkly and saggy.


An obsession with UV protection is helpful  

You know how some people never skip applying sunblock before heading outside--with or without the sun? You'd think, what's the big deal, really? It's just a little sun...getting a little tan is even great. When you realize the importance of UV protection against skin ageing, you're going to want to follow suit. So long to the days you thought a little sunshine without protection wouldn't hurt! Here's why: Even as short as 10 minutes of exposure to UV rays can cause changes to your skin that could eventually lead to wrinkles and sunspots. 

To avoid damage to your skin, apply an ample layer of SPF 30 (or more) sunscreen on your face before proceeding to your usual makeup routine. Consider it like your primer. Some foundation products do offer SPF protection, so that's a great option too. Just make sure that the product you're applying is guaranteed free of toxins! 


Sleep is the ultimate beauty goal 

What if one of the biggest secrets to better skin was as simple as laying down and taking a nap? After all, the body never stops working, especially when you're asleep. This is when your skin’s blood flow increases, and the organ rebuilds its collagen and repairs damage from UV exposure, reducing wrinkles and age spots.  

Getting adequate sleep also helps avoid dark circles under your eyes. Some people have skin pigmentation that makes the skin under the eyes appear darker than the surrounding facial skin. If this happens to be a concern for you, you can look for products containing hydroquinone, retinol, vitamin C, and green tea that may make dark circles appear lighter. Need a quick fix for those annoying dark circles? Dab undereye concealer on the delicate skin under the eyes. It should be slightly lighter than your actual skin tone. 


You need a separate moisturizer for day and night 

Shake up your skincare regimen by having both a daytime moisturizer and a night cream (because these two are completely different!). A thicker cream at night increases your skin's hydration and helps it fully recover from damage. Find a formula that addresses different concerns so you can double-up on the benefits your face is receiving. On the other hand, a day cream is lighter and serves as a protection against the sun. It also gives you that added youthful glow. 


Natural and organic skincare products are more than just a fad

By now, everyone and their mothers know that skincare products are laden with harsh toxins that do nothing but speed up the skin’s aging process. You’re better off using natural and organic skincare products because instead of giving you nasty toxins, they actually help effectively target your skin issues and nourish it to its full potential for years to come, just by its select beneficial ingredients derived from nature.