Reasons to Choose Natural Skin Care Products

Reasons to Choose Natural Skin Care Products - Zafra

You're known as the health-conscious type. You are very careful about what you eat, making sure that everything that you consume is good for you. You stay away from anything processed, anything too sweet or too salty, anything that's labeled as junk. You're always so concerned about the overall optimized state of your health, and you've lived a happy and healthy life so far because of that. But what if you're overlooking another organ of your body, the biggest one at that--your skin. 

Natural skincare is more than just a fad; it's the best alternative that takes you away from the toxins that can harm your lifestyle for the long term. Yes, even when you think you're the health-conscious type. Skin is much more a sponge than a barrier.


You can free yourself from toxins

On any given day, an average person will lather, rub, and spray ten or more items on his or her face. Are you like that too? If so, you are exposed to over 130 toxins every day. Those amounts of exposure add up over time, leading to many complications. For instance, the notorious Phthalates, found in fragrances, are hormone disruptors linked to birth defects, sperm damage, and infertility. If you choose natural skincare, you can nourish your skin using the best (and simplest!) ingredients found in nature. Nothing of the nasties!


You can help your skin detoxify

One of the most important functions of your skin is detoxification. Quite interestingly, it has its own sequences of healing, regeneration, and detoxification overnight, and using toxin-filled products will interfere with these very important processes. Natural skincare, on the other hand, helps your skin do what it needs to do, shedding off the impurities and revealing a radiant glow.


You can help save the environment

From the ingredients of a product to the packaging, there are many harmful things that a single skincare product can do for the environment. The ingredients for regular skincare are usually grown using chemical fertilizers and are maintained using pesticides in amounts that are way beyond the recommended level. As for natural skincare, these products use substances that are grown organically and are very safe for the environment. They also use packaging that is made of recyclable material. 


You can support the cruelty-free movement

A product is considered 'cruelty-free' if it was never tested on animals. Believe that even until now, many companies still make use of animals to test the potency of their products. Did you know that roughly 500,000 rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, rats, and mice die each year due to cosmetic testing alone? It's a scary world for our furry friends. One way you can be assured that you are supporting the movement against cosmetic testing is by checking product labels that have a Leaping Bunny or PETA certification or are verified Cruelty-Free.


You can provide opportunities for small entrepreneurs

Natural skincare products are often created by passionate people who dedicate their time and energy to make sure that more individuals get to enjoy the goodness of nature's ingredients. When you choose to buy their products, you directly get to support their cause as well as their local small business from which they thrive and survive.   

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