Natural Skincare Tips For Summer

Natural Skincare Tips For Summer - Zafra

Can't wait for all the activities lined up this summer season? Blow them all away with your confidence...and clear, glowing summer skin, to boot! Here we have some ways to rock your summer skin with a routine that's truly good for you. 

Make SPF your best friend 

This season, the one thing you should always have on your bag is your SPF. Yes, even, when you're not going to the beach. Even when you're just out for a simple and short errand. You just can't risk it. Sun protection at all times really makes all the difference, and skin experts can attest to that. Now, if it so happens that you have a beach trip, a minimum SPF of 30 should be enough, just make sure that the product contains nourishing ingredients. As a rule, apply it 20-30 minutes before you head out. If you are going to be swimming, then keep re-applying as it gets washed out.  


Soothe your sunburns with aloe 

Get a little too excited about the sun-soaked season and you won't be able to help the sunburns from showing up--yes, even if you've taken the precautionary measures of SPF. Don't push the panic button just yet when this happens; a simple application of aloe vera can help provide soothing relief for your sunburns.  


Protect your puckers 

The last thing you need is chappy lips when you're in the middle of a summer fling (winks). Just as much as you protect your skin with SPF, so should you do the same for your lips. Use a lip balm formulated with broad-spectrum sunscreen SPF like the ones from Mountain Ocean or Ecolips to give you the effective sun protection you need. You can also use a lip scrub to soften your lips before applying some balm or tint. 


Don't skip the moisturizer


Just because you may have oily skin in the summer doesn't mean you can skip the moisturizer. Your skin will only act up and produce more oil if you do. Though for this season, you can switch to a more lightweight formula like the Overnight Cream from Andalou Naturals. Sure, you can drop the moisturizer in the morning to make way for the SPF and stop you from looking like a greasy mess even before you actually step outside of the house. But definitely apply some moisture before going to bed. 


Create a faux glow 

What better time to sport a bronzy glow than the summer season? Then again, what if you don't exactly have time for long hours of bathing on the beach? Yup, that's, sadly, still a struggle. Tanning salons aren't so good either. Your best bet are self-tanners, but make sure that the product you choose isn't laden with all these questionable ingredients. Make sure to stick with the natural and organic variant, like the Sunless Tanner from Alba Botanica


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