Must-have Personal Care Products During Winter

Must-have Personal Care Products During Winter - Zafra

Just as you change your wardrobe from summer to winter, so should you with the products on your personal care cabinet. It's a given that the change in humidity, exposure to indoor heaters, and blustery winds actually can make your skin particularly drier and duller, but the same is true for the rest of your body. 

Find out exactly which beauty products are essential to your winter beauty routine.  


Heavy Duty Body Lotion and Face Moisturizer 

How to add more glow to cold, dry skin? The obvious answer is a reliable moisturizer, but you should be mindful of what you use. Exchange summer's lightweight face lotion for a thick facial moisturizer to keep wrinkles and fine lines at bay, prevent dry patches and keep your skin feeling and looking youthful and plump. (Top picks: Acure Blue Tansy OilBlum Naturals Nourishing Night Cream

As for the rest of your body? Slather on a luscious lotion that's formulated specifically for dry, tired limbs. Whether you prefer a fuss-free body moisturizer, a luxurious cream, or just a lightweight lotion, just make sure to go with natural and organic ingredients to wrap your skin with some serious TLC this season. (Check this out: Best toxin-free hand and body lotions)



What's just as important for your winter skin as moisturizing? Listen to the experts; your moisturizing regimen goes hand in hand with exfoliation. So this cold season, prepare to buff out dead skin cells for the ultimate moisture absorption. Try a gentle exfoliant for your face that will give you gratifying results without the irritation from scrubbing. (Top picks: Acure Brightening Facial Scrub - Argan Extract and ChlorellaAndalou Naturals Clarifying Facial Scrub Lemon Sugar)


Hydrating Hair Product

Is Winter season officially no-hair-wash season? Yes, when you have no plans of going out. Flyaways, static, dry scalp, fizzy ends, and brittle hair, and other tell-tale signs that Jack Frost has done you wrong--no one cares, you'll just be lounging around at home anyway, sipping hot cocoa and catching up with a good read. 

But what about for when you're heading for THE Christmas party of the year? It's time to bring your dull, greasy hair back to life; enlist the help of natural and organic hydrating hair products. (Top picks: Shikai Natural Moisturizing ShampooBabo Botanicals Instantly Smooth Detangler Berry PrimroseZion Health Adama Minerals Anti Frizz Conditioner)



Which part of your body takes the most beating during winter? Actually, no surprise here--it's your lips. No matter how much you bundle up in the winter, it's nearly impossible to keep your lips protected, unless you put on a very reliable moisturizing lip balm. For lip treatments that will leave your pout silky smooth and never dried-out or flaky, your best bet are those variants that promise never to contain toxins (which only make your lip's conditions worse). (Check this out: Best natural and organic lip balm


Bubble Bath 

A long bubble bath? Sounds like a great plan. Consider it your little Christmas gift for battling the cold winter winds and crowds of Christmas shoppers, so immerse yourself in relaxing aromas and luxurious soaks that are not only rejuvenating but can also actually help you out in the dry skin department. (Check this out: Best natural and organic bath soaks


For more natural and organic personal care products to help you get through the cold season, check out Zafra's shopping catalog now!