Mother's Day Gift Guide: Find the perfect gift for your mom!

Mother's Day Gift Guide: Find the perfect gift for your mom! - Zafra

Your mom--she's that one person who has always told you that "it's the thought that counts" every time you give her a horrible drawing, an unreadable love letter, or a tasteless breakfast in bed. But you know you can do so much more for her; especially during that one day dedicated to her. With all the sacrifices she has done through the years, it's an understatement to say that she deserves the world. Make her feel that she's really special, beautiful and pampered this coming Mother's Day, by giving her something thoughtful...and of course, useful.  

So, are you coming here for gift suggestions? We say, only the best self-care products for the most caring person in the world!  


Natural skincare for her youthful glow 

Moms are the very definition of unconditional love--they will always take care of everyone else, before even looking after their own selves. Giving her great skincare products can remind her that she deserves to focus on herself for a change. Allow her to feel that her glory days of youth are far from over with anti-aging products like Earth Science Active Age Defense Cellagen Renewal SerumEO Ageless Skincare Transformative Night Serum, or Reviva Labs Stem Cell Booster Serum

Cleanse away her everyday worries with all-natural facial cleansers like Dr. Woods Facial Cleanser Black Soap and Shea Butter or Beauty Without Cruelty Extra Gentle Facial Cleanser. Bond with her on girls' night, watch movies, eat popcorn, catch up on life while wearing facial packs from Andalou Naturals. Get back her confidence and let her kiss those wrinkles goodbye with Avalon Organics Wrinkle Therapy - Cleansing Oil or Derma E Vitamin A Night Serum


Toxin-free makeup to make her beauty shine 

How many times have you heard her awkwardly say, "I'm too old for makeup". It's time to nudge her to feel more comfortable about applying some makeup and let her inner goddess shine. First stop, foundation. Choose a variant that will leave her face looking naturally clear without harming her skin or clogging her pores. The Pressed Mineral Powder from Honeybee Gardens is a really great pick. Add some color to her eyes using these mineral-based shadowsthat are not only harmless to her skin, but also to the environment. Looking for liners that can perfectly define her eyes? Choose this Jojoba-based eyelinerthat won't drag or pull your mom's delicate skin. It's easy to apply too! For her lips, how about some hydrating products from Burt's Bees, Lip Loob or Ecolips?


Fabulous hair products for her tresses 

The hair is one's crowning glory, no matter what age you are in. Your mom may look like she cares a little less about hairstyles ("Just a regular shampoo is enough for me, sweetie."), she wouldn't mind getting her hair done every now and then. After treating her to a full day in the salon, you can also get her some toxin-free hair products to maintain her hair's best state. Perhaps her hair needs some repairing? Get her the Giovanni 2Chic Ultra-Repair Shampoo or maybe a product from Nature's Gate. How about some volume? This Max Volume Shampoo from Giovanni strengthens thin, fragile hair and adds weightless bounce. 

Conceal her grey hair with the safest hair dye from Light MountainLove Your Color or Naturigin. This Henna Hair Color from Rainbow Research is also great. For her everyday hair styling, you can pick the Lily Of The Desert Aloe-Based Styling Hair Spray or products from Mill Creek. Finally, get her scalp some massage from these amazing hair brushes.  


Best bath products for her needed me-time   

Perhaps you have a childhood memory of your mom never having her time for a long, relaxing bath because she was always too busy convincing you to get on the tub. Many years later--now that you're all grown up--it's time to confront this situation with a gift. A full package of bath essentials to let her make up for all that lost time, maybe? For starters, she'd really appreciate these bath salts from Soothing Touch. Now that she has more time for exfoliation, give her this Natural Sierra Pumice Stone from Earth Therapeutics. In fact, Earth Therapeutics has a lot of incredible tools for better bath habits. For a rejuvenating detox in a tub, try the Whole Seaweed from The Seaweed Bath Co. This body wash from One With Nature, made with Dead Sea Salts and Shea Butter, is also very highly recommended. 


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