How to Achieve Glass Skin

How to Achieve Glass Skin - Zafra

Clear, glowy, bright, poreless, baby-soft and healthy-looking skin--one that mimics the perfection of a spotless glass surface. Who wouldn't want to achieve skin like that? Typically referred to as Glass Skin, it's a K-beauty trend that has taken the world by storm. 


To get this look, it's easy to channel a few makeup tricks. But if you want something that lasts, a multistep skin-care routine is the secret. You'll also notice that the resounding theme for this regimen is hydration. Instead of using astringents as most people typically would, this one relies on hydrating ingredients that maintain the pH balance of your skin.  


Here's where to start:  

Start with a gentle cleanser 


For Koreans, twice is better than once. Hence, a cleansing rule of thumb for them: Remove all your makeup using the double cleansing method. This method involves removing your makeup with an oil-based cleanser and washing your face with a water-based face wash. Choose a cleanser/remover and face wash that are specially formulated for your skin type, maintaining the pH balance of your skin without drying it out.


Exfoliate away 


Is too much exfoliation bad for your skin? In a way, yes. So don't overdo it. Still, it is a necessary process that your skin has to go through in order to effectively repair itself and clear the pores. This process helps your skin avoid breaking out and getting rid of dark spots that would otherwise have permanently made residence on your face. Clearing your skin with a gentle yet effective cleanser helps you achieve that glassy finish. 


Apply a sheet mask


There are numerous benefits to using sheet masks and incorporating them into your beauty routine. Mainly, these are good for adding a rush of moisture on your skin, and depending on the type of mask, some have added benefits like anti-aging, brightening, or improving the texture of your skin--things that can definitely help with that glassy glow. Plus, these sheet masks are super easy to use. Just apply them onto your face, then do your other tasks while you let it work its magic on your skin.   


Use a toner 


The purpose of a toner is to help remove any excess cleanser or exfoliant that you've applied during the previous steps and help prep your skin for nutrient-rich products in the upcoming steps. Toners are good for hydrating your skin; they are also full of vitamins and antioxidants which are all vital for that glassy, glowy look. 


Apply serum 


After applying toner and prepping your skin, it's time to give your skin some more nutrients. Skin Serums are loaded with great ingredients to boost your skin's elasticity and create protection against external pollutants. Considered as powerful elixirs, most of these products are capable of giving your skin quick damage repair and targeting issues like wrinkles, dark under eyes and acne. 


Add a final layer of lightweight moisturizer 


At this point, with all those layers of products, you'd think, isn't this too much already? But here's the great thing about this glass skin regimen: Every layer helps the one before it work even harder. By the time you put on moisturizer, your face should be feeling pretty rich already, so to keep things glowy but not greasy, choose the right moisturizer for your skin type. A gel-based formula works well for dry or sensitive skin.  If you have combination or oily skin, try a cream that's fast-absorbing and especially lightweight. 


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