Great Reasons To Switch To Natural Skincare

Great Reasons To Switch To Natural Skincare - Zafra

Not only do natural skincare products provide a cleaner, toxin-free option for you, but they can also be more effective, and can ultimately be better for your health and the world around you. 

If you still haven't made the switch, we're listing down more reasons why many people all over the world are going natural and organic now, and why you absolutely must, too!  

It's CLEAN: Create a toxin-free skincare routine 

Not to scare you or anything, but you are actually exposed to over 130 toxins every day. Many of the skincare, personal care and household products you may be using are very poorly regulated. The daily exposure you get add up over time, leading to many complications. For instance, the notorious Phthalates, found in fragrances, are hormone disruptors linked to birth defects, sperm damage, and infertility. If you switch to natural skincare, you can nourish your skin using the best (and simplest!) ingredients found in nature. It will help your skin do what it needs to do, shedding off the impurities and revealing a radiant glow. 

It's ECO-FRIENDLY: You can help save the environment 

When you use organic beauty products, you can help minimize your environmental impact. The ingredients for regular skincare are usually grown using chemical fertilizers and are maintained using pesticides in amounts that are way beyond the recommended level. On the other hand, natural skincare products use ingredients that are grown organically and are tested very safe for the environment. You won’t have to worry about chemicals going down the drain. Be sure, though, to check out products in glass or biodegradable packaging. Minimizing your use of plastic can greatly help save the environment!   

IT'S GOOD TO ANIMALS: Support the cruelty-free movement 

A product is considered 'cruelty-free' if it was never tested on animals. We're already living in the so-called 'future' but until now, many companies still make use of animals to test the potency of their products. Did you know that roughly 500,000 rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, rats, and mice die each year due to cosmetic testing alone? It's a scary world for our furry friends. One way you can be assured that you are supporting the movement against cosmetic testing is by checking product labels that have a Leaping Bunny or PETA certification or are verified Cruelty-Free, which most natural skincare products carry. 

IT'S PRO-PEOPLE: Help people find a great livelihood 

When a brand is called 'ethical', it means that despite its big name and important position in the industry, it still puts a lot of care and thought on WHO were involved in obtaining ingredients and creating products, and the fairness they received for their hard work. It means that the brand is aware of what’s going on in their supply chains, paying a fair price for the raw materials and goods, and ensuring that their suppliers are committed to positive environmental and social impact and providing safe working environments.

If not from an established brand, some natural skincare products are made by small-time entrepreneurs--passionate people who advocate the use of toxin-free products and who dedicate their time and energy to make sure that more individuals get to enjoy the goodness of nature's ingredients. When you choose to buy their products, you directly get to support their cause as well as their local small business from which they thrive and survive.     

IT'S PRACTICAL: Find everything you need in one place, and have them shipped right at home! 

One of the factors that hold back people from switching to natural skincare is the inaccessibility of certain products. However, times have changed. Many natural skincare products are available with a click of a button and delivered straight to your doorstep, making your shopping trip that much easier. Zafra is home to an incredible variety of natural skincare products you'll love! 

Ready to switch to natural skincare? Check out the featured products on Zafra's homepage.