Dangers of Toxic Ingredients Found in Your Skincare Products

Dangers of Toxic Ingredients Found in Your Skincare Products - Zafra

We all buy our skincare products with hopes of targeting our specific issues and improving the overall condition of our skin. But what happens if they actually end up doing the opposite? What if your favorite face cream, moisturizer, and cleanser do deliver short-term smoothness and brightness, only to disrupt your hormones, expose you to cancer-causing chemicals, and deliver dangerous toxins that damage your skin in the long run? It's a scary thought, but it happens to some people, and it can also happen to you--if you're not mindful of every single ingredient that seeps into your skin. 

Educating yourself on the ingredients used in your skincare products and the effects they have on your skin and the rest of your body is the best thing to do. Consider the following a reminder of how toxic ingredients are no good for your skin and health. 


Disruption of your skin's natural pH
We always hear about the importance of our skin's pH balance, but what's the big deal, really? Keeping the balance of your skin's pH levels is very important because when it goes beyond the normal healthy range of about 4.5 to 5.3, your skin ends up working double time to get the normal range back. When this happens, excessive oil in the skin is produced, leading to skin problems like redness, acne, and rosacea. Weak pH levels can also impede your skin's ability to repair itself.  


Loss of your skin's natural moisture 

Watch out for polyethylene glycols which are petroleum-based ingredients that are often used in skin creams as a moisturizing agent. These compounds have the potential to disrupt your skin’s natural moisture balance, thus altering the surface tension of the skin. If you notice your skin feeling a little drier despite the moisturizing products you apply, you may have your culprit.


Irregular weight gain 
You may have been more mindful about your weight for the past years, but did you know that even with the product you put on your skin, your hard work trying to shed some pounds off could easily get affected? See if your products contain phthalates which are endocrine-disrupting chemicals that mimic human estrogen and cause hormone balance issues for both women and men. Several studies have found phthalates to be obesogens, chemicals that alter metabolism and result in weight gain. 


Developmental defects 

A dose of Vitamin A is good for your health but it also comes in some deceiving forms that aren't exactly good for your skin. Retinol, retinyl palmitate, and retinyl acetate are forms of vitamin A that are not considered "skin-friendly". A few studies have found that when retinyl palmitate or retinol applied to skin that was exposed to UV light, it broke down into harmful byproducts, including reactive oxygen species, which caused damage to cellular DNA, and even caused cell death. High doses of vitamin A are linked to developmental effects.


"What do I do now?" 

You're probably asking the exact same question. The answer is simple: be more mindful about the ingredients of your skincare products. And in most cases, the simpler the ingredients are, the better. Look for natural and organic ingredients that undergo fewer processes as possible to preserve their natural goodness. If you're looking for products that will have you toxin-free, and ultimately, worry-free, check out Zafra's featured products! Every item has been scrutinized thoroughly under rigorous standards to make sure that what arrives in your doorstep is completely good for your skin and health. Shop now!