Chemicals and Toxins to Avoid When Buying Baby Products

Chemicals and Toxins to Avoid When Buying Baby Products - Zafra

As a parent, you want nothing more than to keep your baby away from various chemicals that can have a negative effect on his or her early stages of development. Remember that children have faster metabolisms, which also speeds up their rate of absorption of contaminants. That's why it's even more important to really be mindful about the products that you use on his or her body. 

But what if even your most trusted products are leading your child to chemical and toxin exposure? The only way you can really be sure is to check the labels for yourself; be more scrutinizing about the ingredients that are declared on each product that you apply to your baby. As your guide, we list down these particular ingredients you should stay away from.   



From body washes to moisturizers and baby products, this toxic ingredient is really everywhere. Parabens are used as preservatives, stopping fungus, bacteria and other microbes from growing in products, especially in the moist, warm environment of a bathroom. They're also very inexpensive. But despite all these things, this ingredient is said to be the number one culprit for skin irritation as well as long-term disturbances in a person's hormonal balance and reproductive system.

Artificial Color 
Studies show that dyes in products used on the skin are extremely damaging, yet are still used and sold on a daily basis. Many artificial dyes have the potential to cause alarming health issues for your baby, such as chromosomal damage, tumors, hyperactivity, lymphomas, neurochemical effects, asthma, insomnia, allergies, and eczema.  


It obviously should smell good but the thing about this ingredient is that it is often just used to mask the odor of the nasty chemicals used in production. So you think you have something pleasant-smelling when in truth, it's really just concealing something very harmful to your precious little one. Imagine having these chemicals lingering on your baby's skin for hours, leading to respiratory, neurological, skin, and eye damage down the line. Watch out for your everyday baby products ranging from diapers to baby washes--you'll be surprised to find how many artificial fragrances are found on these products.   


Known as a human carcinogen, Formaldehyde has been linked to allergy-like reactions including respiratory problems, headaches and nausea. It's a form of preservative often added to water-based body products to prevent mold from forming. 

Mineral Oil

This ingredient can clog your baby's pores and prevent the skin from breathing. It also forms a layer over delicate baby skin, hindering the natural release of toxins from their bodies. Baby oils may also contain vegetable glycerin mixed with grain alcohol called PEG or PPG, which is produced involving synthetic chemicals which can cause hives or even eczema.  

So if your favorite baby products contain the following ingredients, what then is your alternative? Products that are certified organic are your best bet. You might think that they're hard to find especially in big box stores, but don't worry because you can now find every chemical-free product you are looking for only here at Zafra! Shop now!